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вівторок, 1 грудня 2009 р.

"Only chicken fricassee for dinner": Danuta Borchardt on Gombrowicz

Danuta Borchardt, Witold Gombrowicz’s most recent English translator, provides in her “Translator’s Note” to her translation of Cosmos some interesting insights into her own work:

When I read Cosmos many years ago, I thought how beautifully it would read in English. [...] Gombrowicz’s style has been described as ‘mad, breathless, sometimes jerky, sometimes lazy.’ Imagine the task confronting the translator who must find the appropriate words in order to accomplish, in English, what Gombrowicz has set before us, and for which, in the end, he provided no solution—only chicken fricassee for dinner.


Gombrowicz says this about his novel:

Cosmos for me, is black, first and foremost black, something like a black churning current full of whirls, stoppages, flood waters, a black water carrying lots of refuse, and there is man gazing at it—gazing at it and swept up by it—trying to decipher, to understand and to bind it into some kind of a whole . . .


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