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пʼятниця, 18 грудня 2009 р.

“The Kid with the Sun in his Pocket”: A Bohdan Ihor Antonych Exhibition

In the mountains, closer to the sun,
for the first time I gazed at the sky,
then something wonderful and strange awakened in me,
and I lifted my head, and green words came to my lips.
Now, wherever I am and whenever,
I am always a drunken kid with the sun in my pocket.


 [From Bohdan Rubchak’s article “Reveries of the Earth: Three Slavic Versions”]


2009 marks Bohdan Ihor Antonych’s centenary year. Today, a new exhibition is opening in Lviv:

The major character of the exhibition is the kid of Antonych’s works that is interpreted as “the inner child” discovered and revived in ourselves when we sometimes ask about the simplest things and apprehend the world amazedly and unselfishly.
[From the press release]

The exhibition’s title is from poem “Autobiography” by Antonych.


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