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понеділок, 4 травня 2009 р.

Made in YuA

I was a bit out of blogging during the 3 days of the Weather Vanes of Lviv jazz festival and all the partying. But now I’m back here and want to present the most recent album by The Dead Rooster the band presented at the festival. It’s called Made in YuA: all the songs on the album are based on the poems by Yuri Andrukhovych. The texts include both older rhymed poetry and most recent free verses:

1. Monument[1],

2. Seven-Eleven[2]

3. Wolf Messing. Driving Out Doves[3]

4. Amalia Neboraka[4]

5. The Lemberg Catastrophe, 1826[5]

6. Circle[6]

7. Post-New Year's Morning Elegy[7]

8. Calling Dem[8]

9. Shepherd Pustai[9]

Bonus: Study of Crows[10].

(I tried to provide links to the translations (in English or Swedish) of some poems in the footnotes. Perhaps I’ll try and translate more myself…)

[1] An older poem ironically referring to Natalka Bilotserkivets’s poem We’ll Not Die in Paris. A song by The Dead Rooster based on this Bilotserkivets’s poem is their well-known hit.

[2] From Songs for the Dead Rooster (2004). My Swedish translation (together with Annette Nordlund) of the poem is to be found either in ARIEL literary journal (5/2005) or in GRÄS literary journal.

[3] From Exotic Birds and Plants (1991).

[4] An acrosonnet from one of Andrukhovych’s essays.

[5] This is the first poem from the Three Ballads cycle in Exotic Birds and Plants (1991). I translated the third ballad “Centuries Whispering”: http://www.circumferencemag.com/Issues/issueTOCs.aspx?IssueNumber=5&TOCnumber=5&IssueNum=5

[7] From Exotic Birds and Plants (1991).

[8] From Songs for the Dead Rooster (2004). My Swedish translation: http://levhrytsyuk.blogspot.com/2009/04/for-kanske-fem-ar-sedan-oversatt-jag-en.html

[9] From Exotic Birds and Plants (1991).

[10] From Downtown (1989).

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