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четвер, 28 травня 2009 р.

Paul Stewart - A Good Samuel Beckett "Crritic"

I'm reading Paul Stewart's fascinating book Zone of Evaporation: Samuel Beckett's Disjunctions (Rodopi, 2006). It was long ago I was so immersed in reading a critical work on Beckett. And: respect for Rodopi Publishing House! They're doing a GREAT job publishing GREAT books!


PAUL STEWART is Associate Professor and Head of the Languages and Literature Department of Intercollege, Nicosia (Cyprus). The author of Zone of Evaporation, he is also the author of “The Need for Beckett,” in The Journal of Beckett Studies (Vol 10 Nos. 1&2), “‘All men talk, when talk they must, the same tripe’: Beckett, Derrida, and Needle Wylie,” in After Beckett / D’après Beckett: Samuel Beckett Today / Aujourd’hui 14 and numerous other
articles on Beckett’s work. He is currently working on a volume devoted to Beckett and sexuality.

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