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пʼятниця, 12 червня 2009 р.

Samuel Beckett: Russian "Oskolki" & Polish "Wiernosc przegranej"

Beckett's Proust and texts from Disjecta appeared in Russian this year in a single volume titled Oskolki ("Smithereens"). (Tekst Publishers continues to publish good translations of Beckett's works (Dream of Fair to Middling Women is one example and Murphy is another) and a lot of other good literature as well.) Oskolki is a very good translation indeed by Mark Dadyan (I have only looked through the volume a couple of times so far, but I have already noted some key frases having been rendered very good indeed into Russian). It makes a much more enjoyable reading than, say, a similar Polish volume of Beckett's texts I have in my library called Wiernosc przegranej

(translated by Antoni Libera). In my opinion, Dadyan's translation (and other Tekst Publishers translations for that matter) is more precise--without loosing Beckett's poetics. (Dadyan has also (brilliantly) translated Beckett's Dream... for Tekst Publishers.)

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