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четвер, 25 червня 2009 р.

18-27 September I'll be in Gothenburg (Göteborg)!


24-27 September: Göteborg Book Fair Bok & Bibliotek 2009.

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Eric Dickens сказав...

I may go to the Yerterborry Book Fair myself. But I am rather busy this year. I've been looking through this macaronic blog and have even tried to read parts of the texts in Ukrainian. I have quite a good reading knowledge of Polish, and some Russian, so I find that Ukrainian looks, to an outsider like me, like a mixture of both of those languages. Except you use a lot more "i"-sounds, where Polish and Russian use "o" or "ó". I have a copy of the Andrusyhen/Krett Ukrainian-English dictionary. So I'll have a look at the Andrukhovych blog too.

Best wishes,

Eric Dickens (from Nordic Voices)

Eric Dickens сказав...
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Лев Грицюк | Lev Hrytsyuk сказав...

It'd be great to meet at the book fair! :-) Please tell if you need any help with Ukrainian! The language is indeed similar to Polish and Russian in a way Danish, Swedish, Norwegian do.