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неділя, 26 квітня 2009 р.

Orbita 5

A new literary miscellany by Orbita is out now! Number 5! It includes poetry, prose and graphic works: new works by the Orbita members and new translations of Lettish, Latvian and Estonian poetry and prose. The Latvian authors include Karlis Verdins, Andra Manfelde, Peteris Draguns, Lena Shakur (Лена Шакур), Marts Pujats. Marjus Burokas, Vytautas Deksnys, Benediktas Janusevicius and Aleksandra Fomina represent Lithuania and f.s. and Aleksey Levenko represent Estonia. The literary miscellany includes also texts by "one of the most interesting poets in Eastern Europe" Serhiy Zhadan (Ukraine).

You can buy Orbita 5 in bookstores in Riga and here: www.jr.lv


Visit Orbita online: orbita.lv

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