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неділя, 1 листопада 2009 р.

"листопад листопад" | "November November"

Photo: Danko

Що ж, як пише Наталка Білоцерківець, «листопад листопад»… J | Well, to quote Natalka Bilotserkivets, its November November”… J November is lystopád in Ukrainian. But this Ukrainian word also means “leaves falling” (lýsto-pád: “leaves” being “lýstya”, “to fall” being “pádaty.”) Ukrainian poets, of course, readily make use of this peculiarity, both successfully and unsuccessfully. Actually, one can even say padolýst in Ukrainian: it means also “November” as well as “time for leaves to fall” according to one of my dictionaries.

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Bodil Z сказав...

Tack för ordförklaringen! Här är - jag kunde inte låta bli - Repetitionstid:

Лев Грицюк | Lev Hrytsyuk сказав...

Tack, Bodil! Och här kan man läsa "A Time of Rehersals" på engelska - http://www.utoronto.ca/elul/English/248/Bilotserkivets-Poems-From3worlds.pdf