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неділя, 29 листопада 2009 р.

Doris Kareva on Translation

Translation seems to be an excellent metaphor for consciousness. From time immemorial, when we have been trying to understand and be understood, we have been trying to translate.

Since different languages offer different possibilities, something always has to be lost in the process of translation—and sometimes, something can also be found. It even happens that, when being translated, the author discovers something within his or her text of which he or she was not aware before. For example, witnessing my poetry translated into a ballet by a Canadian choreographer, into music by a Dutch composer, and into a play by a Thai theatre group, was quite an amazing experience, reaching beyond not only the borders of language, but also of cultural expression.

2 коментарі:

Bodil Z сказав...

Mycket inspirerande text!

Лев Грицюк | Lev Hrytsyuk сказав...

Det är roligt att höra vad poeter som också översätter säger om översättning!