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четвер, 26 серпня 2010 р.

Pop Poetry: "Odd Tymes" by Green Gerry

Альбом Odd Tymes від Green Gerry "живе" в моєму плеєрі вже місяця півтора. Крім прекрасної музики, там ще й чудові lyrics — справжнісінька pop poetry. Ось, наприклад, "Saved By Dogs Acid Eyes (Drunkenly Peeing Off A Cliff)":

so i go out
cant find nothin now
so i go out
cant find nothin now

as you you wait
as you scream out my name
as the fingers touch places ive never known before
you scream out
you scream in
you say wow
then i begin to let go

stay at home
stay at home
stay at home
stay at home

now i go out
find a new place to call home
and then you lose your mouth
you fade out to god knows where as

i think i try tried to hard
and you think you got it goin on and on and on
but you see i know the game you work
and your played down like a joke drugged out

cant find myself again
im all backwards
and into what i know
i cant find out

so i go back home
there i get HIGH
all alone
all alone
all alone

you know where i am


Усі lyrics можна знайти на greengerry0.bandcamp.com

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