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середа, 27 липня 2011 р.

Pop Poetry: "Celery Salt (Spider Man Quit Fucking With Me)" by Green Gerry

Торік улітку "поетичний" альбом Odd Tymes від Green Gerry був одним із моїх абсолютних фаворитів. (Див. lyrics.) Новий реліз музиканта "Celery Salt (Spider Man Quit Fucking With Me)" — 7 строф справжнісінької поезії в прозі:

endlessly climbing the hill 
feet sinking deep into the ground 
elongated road maps 
point nowhere close but only to their sound 

secrets tied up by their feet 
never reach longevity 
short strokes reluctant to fight 
losing their battle against time and gravity 

now who are you what side have you taken 
stealing soapboxes from out under our feet 
best not try your luck with this one 
your eyes are now opened even as you sleep 

dead ringer dead ringer 
theyve called on you 
reach for the rope 
for it was alive that they buried the fool 

everything is an arms race 
false prophets choose to unite 
who am i to choose to stay untied 
the trite balance lies in the suns fiery night 

i just want you thinking you owe me nothing 
the opening of my eyes 
light blinding sending my head spinning 
the doors fly open as you take to glide 

dead ringer dead ringer 

theyve called upon you 
the rope has been pulled 
churning harm as the seas tend to do


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