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четвер, 13 серпня 2009 р.

“What is reading but silent conversation?”

Silent Conversation is a new literature platform game from Gregory Weir. The levels in this game are literally literature, made of words taken from poems and stories in the public domain. The game opens with a quotation from Walter Savage Landor: “What is reading but silent conversation?” In the game you operate a lonely walking letter “I”. Your goal is to touch as many words in the text as you can, highlighting them one at a time. While “There is an old pond…” by Matsuo Bashou takes some seconds to passit being a haiku—The Nameless City (Part 1) by H. P. Lovecraft, for instance, craves a good deal of patience on your part. :-) Why not try a poem by William Carlos Williams or The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T. S. Eliot? Even if you've already read these poems to death, you've never read them like this. Silent Conversation invites you to read attentively, savoring every word.


(In the text I use some words from a review of the game @ JayIsGames.Com. Visit Jay is Games!)

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